About Us

The company entitled Kardo Kartons located in Boukan was established in early 2014 aiming at the production and exports of modern packing instruments and tried to establish a company of Kardo Kartons in industrial township of Boukan. Regarding the major strategy of this company to export its productions, an area was selected which is logistically located in the best part of the country to access custom borders of the three neighboring countries of Azerbaijan, Turkey, and Korderstan in Iraq. On the other hand, the industrial and transit position of Boukan compared with other adjacent cities led to establish this big factory in Boukan Industrial Township. We deeply thank God because we have achieved great successes helping the reinforcement of the industry in an exotic location and using the capacities and potentials of industrious and talented workforce in the region. We are moving forwards to enhance the position through the developments and innovations to administer novel ideas. Also we proudly claim that today our technicians and scholars have succeeded in designing and producing a novel generation of ultra-heavy panels and package boxes after research and surveys and lots of tests and they can affect the various applications of packing industry in our country greatly. We proudly can claim that we have overridden the major companies presenting this industry in Germany and the Netherland who have had produced the highest recorded products to endure over-weighted packages. The cardboards produced in this factory to be used in packing can compete with European counterparts regarding the strength and quality. Everyday more than hundreds of trailers of export loads of our country are loaded with the products manufactured in this company and are exported.
The CEO of Kardo Kartons Boukan Company: Engineer Foad Esmaeilpour
The secret of our success is the fact that the individual members of Kardo Katons Company consider three major and important principals as their work plan and even life plan in their personal life as follows:

1) We know what we have made.

We present everyone some overall and detailed information about the characteristics of the product, customer's name and the relationship between the customer and our company, and the exact time of delivering the product to the customers for each product ordered. Thus, the production unit personnel have enough domination over what they should produce. Also, it has been programmed to record a series of reports in every minute of feedback stage. For example, we record the raw materials utilized solely to produce a certain product and the time it has reached the factory and what quality characteristics they contain. Also some certain issues regarding production problems, the number of individuals who work on the production process at the moment and their skills, the employees' psychological status, the temperature in the location, shift times, calibration machines, and ... are totally recorded and archived. If a customer calls us after one year and asks for the previous product with the same characteristics, we can easily refer to the archive of our products and find it because we precisely know what we have made!

2) We are always responsible and responsive.

From the very start of order record to the time when the product is manufactured and is delivered to the customer with the best quality, to the time he/she utilizes it, and even when they order the same product even much more than before, we are responsible and responsive.

3) The work we do is very important and critical.

All of us believe that packing means the final stage of the presentation of a product which is responsible to preserve and maintain the same product and to absorb customers in the market. There isn’t any product sent out of a factory without any packing in any company even if it decays or is lost. The fruits picked, the nutrients and dairies we consume everyday, drugs and healthcare tissues, home appliances, and ... never enter the market without first being packed. If packing companies stop working for only one week and there is not any reserved pack in any firm, the country's economy will paralyze. Thus, all Kardo Kartons family members completely know about this fact that we do something and deliver some services to the customers that are very important and critical and there is not any stop or delay applicable in our job. Therefore, due to the commitment we have towards our customers we should produce and deliver the products to our customers exactly on time preplanned.