Research & Development

One of the important activity fields in Kardo Kartons Boukan Company is the production, spread, and protection of creative ideas in packing and its importance is so vital that research and development (R & D) unit has started work from the very first year of establishing this company in a way that in year 2017 we were awarded with research and development license by Industry, Mines, and Business ministry. Our company has novel ideas lab and thought room for Kardo Kartons Company personnel within certain time schedules optionally to represent their creativity and innovations at leisure time to forget about their daily life problems. When such ideas enter a fruitful thought stage is shared by others and everyone can discuss and share ideas to administer such ideas. Our major strategy in our job is to force all individuals in this company to think about the products whether they are assembly line workers or they work as top managers. We believe that thinking of novel ideas can create great and positive goals that lead to development and enhancement of our business. Thus, everyday we add new personnel to Kardo Kartons Company and we have a high potential for growth. We proudly believe that we have the only company in northwest of our country that has utilized all scholarships to enhance packing job scientifically and precisely.
There are several professional individuals from different areas of knowledge working in this company such as: civil engineering, mechanical engineers, architecture engineers, computer engineers, power electricity engineers, electronics engineers, concise tools engineers, industry engineers, industrial designing engineers, marketing managers, psychologists, accountants, financial managers, social science scholars, workplace healthcare technicians, environmental scholars, and transportation scholars, … .